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Bromewood is the best of eveything garden


Long experience, on-going passion, and an ideal setting in the rolling hills of Quebec’s Eastern Townships. That’s BROMEWOOD. A source for floral creations for anything than blossums. BROMEWOOD is a unique environment, where senses are stimulated, concepts are nurtured, and customers become friends and co-conspirators in the art of living well, indoors and out.


Now at Bromewood, b is for the benifits of shoping local. Starting this springwe will be sourcing our blooms closes to home. Early tulips from Prince Edwaed Island … Winter beauties from British Colombia… And once the soil warms up here in the Townships, all our blossoms will be grown in local fielsds, by local growers. We will work to keep our prices competitive, but we are committed to shtinking our carbon footprint, supporting our local and domestic economy – and providing you with georgeus flowers that are fresh as only flowers from our own back yard can be.


We are committed to keeping our prices competitive, reducing our carbon footprint, encouraging local purchasing and stimulating the local economy. Our supplies will be as fresh as if they came from our garden.

Meet Max, our store pup.

Max is a shy guy but, as you can see, he's all ears. And in every way. So if he should bark when he hears you come in, please don’t be concerned. After all, when you’re as tiny as Max, you have to let people know where you stand.
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